Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

Top Ten Tuesday
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Goddess in the Kitchen: 201 Heavenly Recipes, Spirited Stories & Saucy Secrets

  1. Goddess in the Kitchen: 201 Heavenly Recipes, Spirited Stories & Saucy Secrets: This is the only book I could think of when I could think of NEEDing more. This is my kitchen secret weapon. It isn't a wish from more from the Author but rather more like this. This book makes everyone think I should be a professional chef and it is also full of enchanting stories to accompany the recipes making reading through it so much fun. 
  2. Shel Silverstein: This author died when I was in elementary school and I remember this being the first time I was affected by death. I wish he was still around making children love poetry.

And that is all I have for this week's list so I cheated. These are 7 Authors I need to read more of so I can be anxious for more releases:
  1. Maureen Johnson: She is a wonderful author but I keep reading new authors so i still have many of her novels I need to get to.
  2. Scott Westerfeld: The Uglies was an amazing series. An extraordinary world was built. All of Scott's books get similar praise but I haven't gotten to them, I should. 
  3. Ray Bradbury: This man wrote Fahrenheit 451, which is, in my opinion, the ultimate book lovers book. BUT I have only read a couple of his short stories after, when I should have devoured everything.
  4. Charles Dickens: I loved A Christmas Carol in school. I thought it would be boring because I knew the story so well but the writing, the personalization, I thought Dickens was a genius after that and that I would reread his book every Christmas. I didn't, or any of his other books either.
  5. George Orwell: I loved Animal Farm AND Down and Out in Paris and London, a non-fiction book. I even found his non-fiction engaging, which is rare for me. I didn't read any of his other stories.
  6. Stephanie Perkins: This needs no explanation for why I should read Perkins, and there is no excuse for why I haven't yet.
  7. Megan McCafferty: Same as Perkins 

And lastly, because I'm pretty sure I'll see this book's author a lot today, I must read:
  1. To Kill a Mockingbird: I'm going to get it done! Soon!
What do you think guys? Link your lists and let me know what other extraordinary authors I'm missing out on.


  1. I need to read more Maureen Johnson as well as Megan McCafferty. And when I say more, I mean I need to read something by them (never have before!) Haha.

    - Jana @ http://thatartsyreadergirl.blogspot.com/
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  2. I loved the Uglies series as well but haven't read his other ones yet. I really do need to get to them soon. Here is my list

  3. Apparently they published a new book of Shel Silverstein's poems last year. I never read his books as a child, and I feel a bit cheated. I will definitely read them to my children in the future!

    Yes ma'am, Stephanie Perkins and Megan McCafferty are two of my favorite contemporary writers. They both deliver on swoon, and Megan McCafferty has a gift for writing sarcastic characters.

    Great list :)

    Top Ten Tuesday @ The Caffeinated Reader

  4. I definitely cheated on this list too - I loved Animal Farm and would love to see more Orwell as well.

  5. I still need to read a lot more books written by Charles Dickens, but I do got all the series that were made out of the books. Love BBC. :)
    Great list.

  6. I love Stephanie Perkins's writing! She should write more books, indeed! :) :)

  7. Charles Dickens is my overall favorite author, but my favorite book is Giliad by Marlyne Robinson. It won the Pulitzer Prize. Shes only written a few books in her life. I just finished the sequel, well not a sequel, but another point of view of Giliad, called Home.