Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mini-Review: Wildefire by Karsten Knight

***Full disclosure I am quite tipsy so.. if anything doesn't make sense... Happy New Year's Eve!***

I was so excited by this book, which may be why I was so offended by how bad it was. I love mythology but I mostly know about Greek and Roman so I was looking forward to learning about different lores. The problem? This books sucks! There is hardly anything about the mythology, actually there's hardly anything about anything!

This book gets a 1/2 point grade on my scale. There was romance, though intriguing, as utterly unrealistic as the rest of the story. No other points.

There is a lot of gratuitous violence, no build up to it, and all the characters brush it off every time. The Gods in the story could care less about their mythical destinies because the masquerade ball is soon. Also the story indicates Ash is a size six but also extremely insecure about being over-weight and hippy..she even gets teased about it .... WHAT?!?!? And lastly the dialogue was trying so hard to be witty it was annoying in it's over-snark.

The only part of this book I liked was the comic relief of Serena, a blind girl, distracting everyone by saying "Look, a moose." (Nothing was there.) But after that the quirkiness of this character was not well utilized. This entire book was a pile of wasted potential.

OK... scathing rant over....  Anybody else read this? Did I somehow miss the hidden treasures? OR maybe you have something more enjoyable to suggest? please? (As always BIG Luvs to commenters. You make my day!)

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