Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time for Challenges

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am drinking, and tired because I worked today so I will keep this brief.

Accomplishments of 2011:
1. Get into a healthy shape - I have done every well eating healthily since getting a job. I exercised, but very off and on, not very helpful.
2.Read two books every month - I did read 25 books this year! BUT I did not read enough books from my collection. I made it to 12 Debut authors, but I did not enjoy many of the picks...
3. Make my degree worth something and augment my education as much as possible to make this easier. I used my degree to find a job and bond more with my love over projects.
4.Start earning my way. Working at Intel now. Great Place To Work (They're in the program.).

Goals for 2012:
1. Set a health plan and stick to the mini-goals in order to get to where I want from my body health. Make it public so it's harder to make excuses.
2. Read 52 books! (24 audio) A huge jump, but I think 1 book a week is just the right amount for me; enough not to go crazy about what I'm missing out on but not too many so they all blur together or fade into oblivion. I will be participating in the YA authors debut again because I love it (Thank you StorySiren!), but because I had so much bad luck this year I am going to let bloggers choose for me this year. Also I will do the TBR double dare, meaning only reading books I own (except debuts) until April.(links on next post).
3. Review all those books!

That's it! GOOD LUCK in 2012 with your goals,we can do this!

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