Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Books I Read in 2011*

1. Divergent -- I loved this Dystopian, the four nations and the choice! It was enthralling. I read it on a road trip to an interview and it was distracting enough to take away my nerves. (I got the job and finished the book that day.)
2. Awaken -- There were some extreme moments that I didn't quite agree with. I mean, I love my computer and I work manufacturing processors. BUT with those extremes aside this was a very moving story.
3. Hourglass** -- Time-travel, fated love, super-hero stuff. Lots of fun.
4. Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading -- Hilarious! wonderfully balanced, great voice.
5. Anna and the French Kiss** -- Lovely, delicious, Paris, and romance. There is so much good in this book it can't be described. Its popularity is well deserved.
6. Will Grayson, Will Grayson -- Again with the popular, Tiny Cooper is captivating. Will Grayson #2 is pretty awful until he meets Will Grayson #1, who is funny and sweet, though shrouded in avoidance. This book was like a good hug, it was comforting and supportive of your inner being like a true friend This book isn't the most exciting, drop everything story but it is beautiful and worth your time.
7. Shit My Dad Says -- Lacking in the segue department but fantastic. By the time I finished I wanted this dad to have been my father growing up.
8.Before I Fall**  -- Some trite moments at the beginning, but in the end a great journey; one I'm glad to have gotten to go on. Worth the time.
9. Midnight Sun -- I don't want to analyze Twilight you guys! This series is pure escapist entertainment to me and I will always love them. This one didn't get a love only because it's unfinished.

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)
10. Anna Dressed in Blood** -- Just everything I could have wanted this book to be when I read that title and saw that cover it surpassed. So great!

*TBTB Top Ten Tuesday
** I've reviewed these books! Check it out

Ok, I know this is going to make me sad, but tell me, What books did I miss out on this year?


  1. Anna Dressed in Blood is definitely up high on my TBR pile.

    Please take a look at my new challenge to read the ALA YA Book Award winners for 2012.


  2. I'm totes in the Tiny Cooper fan club. He definitely enhanced Will Grayson, Will Grayson Form. I'm also glad to see Anna And The French Kiss on here!

  3. Fantastic list! I loved Hourglass and Anna!! And Midnight Sun...I would love for that to be finished.
    My Top Ten Favorites

  4. I'm slowly obtaining a nice list of Must Reads for next year. Will Grayson is one. Thank you!

    Here's my Top Ten Favorite Books I Read in 2011.

  5. Divergent is one of my favorite books of 2011. It's just brilliantly written, and I completely loved Tris and Four.

    If you liked Anna, then you should definitely read Lola & The Boy Next Door, her sophomore novel. It's just as cute, quirky and fun!

  6. I seriously HAVE to read Anna & the French Kiss!! It's on everyone's lists!!!! I can't wait to dive into Divergent... it's the only book I have on your list!