Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eight Childhood Favorites*

1. Black Beauty: I read this over and over in 1st grade.

2. A Light In the Attic: I still own this. I carried it around and read the poems to other children so they could love them too. I still love this work, and I remember crying as a child when I learned of Shel Silverstein's death.

3. Falling Up: See above. (Also, this was given to me by the nicest old lady who ever rode a bus one Christmas holiday that wasn't turning out very merry until that moment.)

4. Where The Sidewalk Ends: See #2. (My first Shel Silverstein book.)

5. Wayside School Stories: enormously amusing.

6. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle: After a stint of not reading a friend shared her favorite childhood set with me. These are whimsical and have great lessons hidden in the fun.

7. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think: I love all Dr. Seuss, but I think this one is fun and inspiring. As an adult the message is still valid.

8. Joan Of Arc: I think this was the last bonding moment I had with my mother growing up. This was the last book she read to me, she read it 3 times in a row. I found Joan's strength inspiring.

Did you read any of these? Know any childhood favorites that are still valid to your life today?
*TBTB Top Ten Tuesday


  1. Great list! You know I can't remember if I ever read Black Beauty? I know I loved all The Black Stallion books so I would assume I read Black Beauty as well. Must go pick it up one day and read it again to see. Here's my list

  2. I read Black Beauty, but tbh I wasn't too much of a horse-reader, if only for the fact that I had no exposure to the real live animals.
    Funny thing is that Dr Seuss did not really feature in my childhood, but lately I have a fascination with the stories. I even used Dr Seuss as a theme for my student governing body campaign.

  3. Excellent choices!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  4. Sadly I didn't discover Oh The Thinks You Can Think until I was reading it to my son, but I think it's possibly one of my very favourite Seuss's. I've recently discovered Joan of Arc, and find her extraordinary to read about.

  5. I loved Mrs. Piggle Wiggle! I forgot all about those books!

    My Top Ten

  6. SHEL SILVERSTEIN and DR. Suess, I think I just saw my whole childhood on your list!

    Great picks :-D

  7. Shel Silverstein was definitely a childhood favorite (and I still love looking through his books now that I'm older). And Wayside School Stories were fun!

  8. I haven't read any of those *Shame on me* I think it's mostly because I read French Childhood books when I was young...
    A Beautiful Madness

  9. A light int he attic and the second poem book are great. I still see those around and can't help but pick them up and start reading. Great picks. Here's my Top Ten

  10. I forgot all about Shel Silverstein in my list! But I did the same as you - read them to my friends and other kids at school so we could all laugh together. My favorite was the one about the girl who refused to take the trash out. : )

    New follower. ^___^
    My Top Ten Faves

  11. I totally forgot about Mrs. Piggle Wiggle! It also reminded me of the Amelia Bedelia books!
    Black Beauty I never got around to reading, but I'm with you on Shel Silverstein.

  12. @Jessie Marie Sarah Silvia Cynthia Stout! That was the first one I read and what first got me into those books! I still don't like to take the garbage out.