Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top Ten Spring TBR List!

Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)
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  1. Born Wicked: Witch sisters in a town that reviles witches. This debut has excited more than all the others I have heard of this year and the reviews have been very good.
  2. Scorpio Races: A magical and dangerous horse race. I wanted to read something by Maggie because I love her blog and I decided to start with what everyone agrees is her best.
  3. Delirium: A dystopian everyone won't stop raving about. Am I the only person who hasn't read this?
  4. The Book Thief: I love the idea  the narration by death. AND the things people say about this book, it makes me feel like I'm a blasphemer against the world of great literature. I must read this... hmm.. I seem to be in a dramatic mood, but that's how I feel...
  5. Youth In Revolt: A boys epic journal, sounds fun and different.
  6. Tithe: It seems most of my favorite writers are crazy about this story and it is a faerie story which is a former obsession of mine. This one somehow has never jumped to the top of my TBR and so I am changing that.
  7. The Sky Is Everywhere: Too many people love this emotional roller coaster for me to pass it up.
  8. Secrets of Simplicity: I have a dream of a simple life and bought this on a whim. I hope it helps.
  9. This Book Will Save Your Life: I love this writer's short stories about the secrets of suburbianism and this story about corporate living-dead sounds just as good.
  10. How I Became a Famous Novelist: My honey bought this for me and this "careful what you wish for" story sounds perfect for me (I might sometimes romanticize the life of famous writers).


  1. Born Wicked and The Sky Is Everywhere are both in my TBR pile. I'm hoping to get to them both pretty soon.

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    1. Thank you, Thank you, I hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. Gah! I forgot Born Wicked! AND The Scorpio Races! Thanks for the reminder. I really need to read those, and SOON. Great list!

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl. Visit my Top Ten Tuesday!

  4. Hi there, just popping in... Oh some great books here for me to add to my TBR pile. Thanks!

    :) Here is my choice...
    Top Ten Tuesday

  5. I'm reading The Scorpio Races at the moment - I don't normally read books about horses, but this is really, really enjoyable. Also, The Book Thief is definitely a good choice. It was another of those books which is completely out of my comfort zone, but I loved it anyway!

    Happy reading!

    Tara @ Hey, Tara

    1. I'm glad you said that about Scorpio Races. The last book I read about horses was Black Beauty in first grade.

  6. Scorpio and Delirium were so good so I hope you get to them soon. A few others on your list look tempting too.

  7. You have some great books on your list! Love Delirium! And Holly Black is one of my favorite authors! Enjoy!

    Check out YA Litwit's Top Ten Spring TBR Books and my GIVEAWAY of a SIGNED HC of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver!

  8. I too have not yet read Delirium, and it is also on my list. You're not alone :)

  9. I was so close to buying The Scorpio Races the other day! Don't worry I haven't read The Book Thief so I must be a blasphemer also, oopsie! Great choice :)

    Here's my Top Ten list:

  10. The book thief <3 (L) Can't describe in words how much I LOVE that book. I adore it. If I have to choose one book to take with me to an unhabited island, it would be that one. And I like the first three choices; I really need to read them.

    Here's my list:

  11. I read The Sky Is Everywhere, but I didn't finish it yet. It's not bad. I just wasn't in the mood for it. The Book Thief is in my 2012 TBR. I really want to read that book.
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  12. Love your list. I considered putting Born Wicked on my list as well and I haven't read Delirium either so you're not the only one. I loved The Book Thief but I wasn't really a fan of Tithe.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've put together an awesome list! I should have included Born Wicked on my list too; all the reviews that I've read so far have been really, really good. You will love Delirium -- it lives up to the hype! I just finished the second one Pandemonium, so so good. Also, The Book Thief BLEW MY MIND. It is really unlike any other book that I've ever read. Hope you like it too!