Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Top 11 Book Endings That Left Me With My Mouth Hanging Open*

1. Unbelievable (PLL, #4) -- Four girls, Four Books, Bad guy revealed as promised.... then the announcement of more? why?

2. Mostly Harmless -- Is this the question? Is this the answer? Is this the end? Has the whole world gone crazy or just me?
3. Rival -- It was so great it sparked an interest in Opera for me, then in the end it just fell apart.**
4. The Liar Society -- I thought the end of this would be more exciting and less predictable.  Kate wasn't as strong or as smart at the end as she was in the rest of the story. BUT I have no idea what's coming next and am still intrigued enough to find out. I guess that's what mystery writers are really aiming for. I've got to say though, I'm not hungry for the next installment, just curious what will happen next. ***
Not exactly the end, but close... Most Surprising Apexes
5. Looking For Alaska -- It just knocked me off my feet. I don't know what I was expecting but this story slammed into me at one point and I never recovered (read it, you'll understand).
6. Animal Farm -- A fight for rights.. and then, WTF, side swiped by strikes for power instead of equality.
With these last ones the whole book was a shocker

7. The Safety of Objects -- The secrets of the subarbs, and wow! they are dark.
8. Haunted -- Survival and secrets, I wanted to hide for people when I finished this one, be careful with it.
9. Candide -- Talk about bad luck! This guy has got it in spades. And the things that happen are so crazy it's hard to believe this is a classic, there is definitely nothing proper about it.
10. Flowers For Algernon -- Science can do anything, and life is so much better when you're smarter, right? And then so sad...
11. Angels and Demons -- Bom, Bang, Pow, all action and riddles, and awesome.
*TBTB Top Ten Tuesday
** Read my review here
*** I have 11 this week because I finished this right after compiling the 10.


  1. Animal Farm - I know!

    Freaky book.

  2. So cool that Rival got you interested in opera. Too bad the ending fell apart. I like some opera as a result of studying it in high school, but mostly I'm not a fan of the warbly vibrato sound.

  3. I haven't read most of these books, but your descriptions are pretty much delightful! I do agree with Angels and Demons, chock full of surprises.

  4. Oh gosh Candide! I nearly forgot about that ending. That's so the book I recommend to people who say classics are boring because...wow, no. There's a character with one buttock! How can that be boring!

    My Top Ten is over here if you'd like to stop by! Happy Tuesday!