Friday, April 15, 2011

A Better Pot Pie?

Today I attempted a pot pie that still has all the comfort of what you buy in the store but with better flavor.

• Stew meat (marinated in Worchester sauce over night to make more tender and juicy.)

• ½ onion

• 5 carrots

• 4 stalks celery

• 1 cup peas

• ½ cup broth

• ½ cup wine

• ½ cup cream

• Thyme

• Flour for thickening (about 1 ½ tablespoon)

• 2 pie crusts (9 inch)

• Butter

• Garlic Powder


Slice onions extra thin and throw in a pan on low with butter for a quick sweat.

In a pot boil carrots and celery in broth.

Heat a pan to med- high with just enough olive oil to cover bottom. Sprinkle meat with S/P, garlic powder and thyme, throw in pot and sear on all sides. Turn down to low and cover with wine, let it simmer. Once onions are cooked down throw them in with meat.

Drain broth from vegetables and save.

Mix vegetables (add peas now) with meat and pour into pie crust.

On low mix broth, wine drenched meat crispies and cream, thicken with flour, cook together and pour on pie. Cover with other crust and bake at 400 until crust is golden.

What really happened:

1. It took me 1 ½ hours to get everything in the pie, and 25 min to bake, but I tend to move slower than most people, and this was the first time I made anything like this.

2. Someone threw out my thyme so I used a little parsley and very little rosemary.

3. Only half the ingredients fit in the pie.


• I loved it. I have always picked around the unsavory bits of the store bought kind. Though, next time I will change one thing. The stew meat I bought had about 2 pounds of meat, next time I’ll change that for ¾ - 1 pound. This should allow everything to fit and be creamier by using the same amount of liquid.

• The boyfriend complained that if only there were more salt it would be perfect. The cream and wine (I used a Riesling*) do make it a bit sweet, if you don’t like that add a bit of S/P to the sauce when you mix it up. I just brought him the shakers and enjoyed as is.

I paid $7.22 for the pie (without the half the filling that went in the freezer and will make another pie, also I already had wine, frozen peas, butter, flour and seasonings) which made 4 servings at $1.805, exactly.

Now that I’m done writing this I am going back for seconds!

* I don’t know how red would taste as I don’t drink red so I never have it around.

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