Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Did Epiphany Become So Popular?

When I was younger and I heard the word Epiphany there was never a doubt in my mind that someone was talking about me. Me the girl with the unusual, utterly fantasic name; I was the only Epiphany. The sordid history of how I received this name set aside; I was epic. In academic settings I wowed people just by introducing myself, then I strived to live up to my name.  Online there were no others.

Then the world changed. Social Networking made everything more connected. Now epiphany is everything. Epiphany is a name for anyone. I have been stolen by designers, songwriters in hit titles, album titles, even tour names, clever companies use me, and in “enlightened” screen names I am undercut.

Most devastatingly, one night on Myspace I stared bewildered at a profile, a girl in Florida with my name listed as belonging to her. Epiphany Renee, belonging to a girl just an hour plane ride away, she was even a few months older than me and her parents had arrived at the name by watching the same horrible movie mine had. She was a model and soon her name was overcoming mine on Google.

The unique quality of my name has always been a huge part of me. Now, I can’t even find my blog on Google. What’s a girl to do? Unfortunately, as with many problems I am faced with, I don’t know where to start. I just keep hoping readers will discover and enjoy my writing.

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