Saturday, January 1, 2011

Time for Challenges!

Happy New Year's Eve!

Another year is ending and I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating. But now is the time to consider what is coming for us and what we want to shoot for.

I know a lot of people who aren't making resolutions this year because they believe they are worthless and no one keeps them anyway... This makes me sad. There are many benefits to having goals.

Stay Motivated
Give your life directed purpose
Make your hard work worthwhile
Organize your life based on personal priorites
Be specific about what you want

Make sure to write them down; give yourself a focal point to come back to and remember what you promised to reach for. When deciding what to reach for remeber this is the pursuit of your happiness; make sure your goals are things that bring you joy. Don't let society or family and peers influence you or impress their goals upon your own. If you choose goals that excite you, you will stick to them. Every step won't be easy but the accomplishments will make you exultant.

I know it's a corny reminder, but you only one life to live. Shouldn't you aim towards what makes you happy?

So here are my goals for the coming year:

1. Get into a healthy shape - so I can be active and even run around with the kid.
2.Read two books every month - This includes at least six closet cloggers (books I already own) and 12 selections from the Debut Authors Elevensies (class of 2K11 challenge).*
3. Make my degree worth something and augment my education as much as possible to make this easier. (Read publications from IEEE)
4.Start earning my way, ie making some freaking money with all this knowledge I keep acquiring. This includes getting a job I want to go to in the morning, not one I dread.

Good luck with your dreams, don't forget you're the key in making them reality.

*The debut author challenge is a reading challenge supporting new YA authors coming out with their first books this year. This challenge is strongly supported by The Story Siren and this is the third year going strong. I will do a post shortly joining the challenge, giving info to others who want to join and introducing some books I'm excited about.

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  1. I love this and Im printing it out to take it to work with me today. A young coworker shared her new years resolutions with me and I responded snobbily how I couldnt be more resolute, so didnt feel aneed for them, missing the opportunity to connect. Now I have something I can share and you have once again supported my breaking out of a rigid state of consciousness, thank you Renee'